Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Good Morning from Monterrey Mexico

Wish I had a camera phone to take some pics of the surroundings....very nice down here. A little more hot and humid than I'm used, considering I was scraping frost off my car yesterday morning on the way to the airport.

Anyway....had a very nice session on Paradise this morning to polish off my Poker Source Online brand new chip set should be on its way to my house very soon. Picked up about $420 playing this morning when I woke up at 5am Mexico time (6am for those back home)...since I can't get connected to work to check emails, and can't call the help desk for some reason (I can call home on the international cell phone, but can't call work...weird). So I played some poker instead. Good thing, as the +$400 this morning off set the -$300 from last night. Should know better than to play poker after a few beers...actually I didn't play badly last night, just kept getting run down by gutshots and weak flush draws on by solid hands, then running bluffs into made hands....makes for a bad session.

Like I said, made up for it this morning by catching some solid hands and having them hold up. Also sat to the left of the table bully and big stack...he was multi-tabeling from Kansas at $5/10 and I helped relieve him of some of his money. He seemed to think he was some kind of poker god or something, especially late in the session when I cracked some kind of hand of his with a A6s when I ran down the flush on the river.....he berated me for, when I get to see a cheap flop from the BB with a suited A, catch two to the flush on the flop...hell yes I'm going to hang around for min-bets to try and catch the nut flush.....his mistake was not raising when he should with his top pair and then trying to raise me out of the pot on the river when I catch the nut flush.

Funny thing was, he turned around the next hand and did the same thing to another guy with Q-10 suited, on a raised flop and cracked AA from some poor sap when he ran down the river for the, not sure who this guy thinks he is....but then he started blabbing when I was leaving the table about my time to work comment....apparently he must be working the later shifts at McDonald's in Topeka.

Well...time to hit the shower and get some grub before we start the day.



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