Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm a disgrace to bloggers everywhere

Here I sit with my head POUNDNG at work on a Monday morning and I can't even say that it has anything to do with shots of SoCo, beer or anything else. Didn't drink anything over the weekend....

my blogger card should be revoked...

Anyway, on to poker news. Pulled my cash out of Paradise after finishing my bonus from They have confirmed that my chipset is on the way, and I made $100 from Paradise in deposit bonus, as well as profiting about $1100 at the $5/10 tables. Since I had no more bonus to work off, I figured I'd pull the money out and put it to use on another site and some additional bonus cash.

So...I'm back on UltimateBet....they were running another 20% reload bonus over the weekend, so $800 goes onto UB for the max $200 bonus (giving me over $900 in bonus cash to work off) and I'm off and running.

Had a few minutes yesterday morning to sit and play $5/10, hit my first hand for top pair and won a nice pot...then waited for solid hands....had AA cracked by a turned straight....I was on the button (hadn't played a hand except for that first hand) and raised an unopened pot from the button with the bullets. BB called and we see a flop of 6-7-4 rainbow. He bets 5 and I should have re-raised, but I just called, figuring he had hit a small pair out of the BB....turn comes a 5 for a 4 card straight on the board and I'm now worried about my AA....he checks, I bet, he raises and I know I'm in trouble. I call and then call his lead bet after the river to see his 9-3 of clubs for a turned straight to crack my AA. I have no idea if he would have called a re-raise on his initial bet on the flop...if he does, then I'm out even more money on the hand. Donkeys will be donkeys I guess. This hand eats the profit from the first hand.

So I sit and wait for some more cards. I hit a nice pot from the button again on the next cycle of the table with a raise from mid-position and the same BB comes along for the ride. flop comes 10-6-J with 2 diamonds and I'm thinking on how to maximize my hand at this point. BB checks, MP bets $5, I call and the BB far, so good. Turn brings a blank, with the same betting sequence. River brings a glorious 10d, completing the flush draw and giving me the nut full-house...the only thing that can beat me is the Quads at this point. BB checks, MP bets, I raise, BB reraises, MP calls, I cap and they both call. BB shows 6-10os for a flopped 2 pair, rivered full-house, MP shows a Q high flush (raising from MP with Q3 suited????), and I take down a very nice pot with my top boat....wheeeee.

I look at a couple of flops in the next round of hands....seeing nothing with small pairs or suited connectors on the flop and bailing. Last hand (UTG) I see A6 of hearts and and decide to limp into the pot. 2 others do the same and we see a flop of J-2-7 with 2 hearts, so it looks like I'm commited to seeing this pot to the end....catch the third heart on the turn and bust the BB that had AJos and called my re-raise twice (on the turn and river) when he led into the pot. His loss, my gain. Wrapped up the session +135 or so, plus a miniscule $0.85 in bonus cash for about 30 hands played.

I wish UB had not revised their bonus pay-out last year....they used to give 1 bonus point per max-raked hand at every level, so it was reasonably easy to clear bonus cash of the site (each bonus point equal to a dime of bonus cash) 1000 hands of raked play was pretty much $100 in bonus cash. Last summer they adjusted to 0.5 points per hand, doubling the number of hands you have to play to get the same bonus amount off the site. I currently have over $900 in bonus cash waiting to clear, but will need to play roughly 18,000 hands to clear it off the site. For me, that is a years worth of play. Was nice to clear the $100 on Paradise in about two weeks of casual play, as opposed to the months it will take to clear on UB. But I guess that is why they keep offering reloads on UB every other week....keeps people playing on the site.

The good news is that I didn't see any lags or hick-ups on UB yesterday. Seems like they have their server problems solved from last month. As long as they continue to perform smoothly, then I'll be happy to play there again and work off some of that bonus cash.

Not sure how much more I'll play this week....more work on the house tonight, and then Jen works Tues-Thurs-Fri-Sat, with my class sandwiched in on Wed evening, then off to Toledo for Easter on Sunday....busy, busy week.

So...enough for now...ttfn.

PS...been about an hour since I stared this post (had some meetings to attend)...thankfully the Excedrin have quieted the dude with the jackhammer in my head, so life is good.


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