Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bad and Ugly much for a successful return to UB....after hitting my first session on a positive note the other day, yesterday was a nightmare. Dropped two buy-ins at the $5/10 tables ($400) in two seperate sessions last night.

First session was a typical one....I hit a couple of small hands early, then made a couple of ill-timed bluffs at pots that cost me a bit of money. From there, it was a steady diest of 7-3os and J-2os and other unplayable cards. The hands I did get, (AK, KK, etc) either didn't get any callers, or one caller and a quick fold to my bets post-flop for some small wins. Big losses occured as follows...

AA looses to a flopped flush, when I hit the set on thr flop, but the loose SB calls with 56 suited and hits the flop.

A-10 looses to a loose player that calls down the pot with third pair with 10-9os on a board of K-7-9-2-J.

So anyway, $200 goes out the I'm down about $75 for the 2 sessions on UB. I come back later in the evening after the kids are in bed and try my luck again. I play about 150 hands at a very loose table (5-6 players routinely calling pre-flop raises) and my big hands get run all over. I go from $200 to $50 then back to $220 when the following happens over the course of 7 hands....

AA crushed when loose BB calls pre-flop raise with 73os to see K-Q-7, calls my bets to the river where he sees another 7 for trips and a nice pot, as we go to war at the river.

JJ crushed in my BB when the button raises, I call along with 2 others to see a flop of 7-J-2. I check my set and call the BB bet. Blank hits turn and the war begins....I check, MP checks, BB bets, I raise, MP calls, BB re-raises, I cap, MP folds and BB calls. An A spikes the river and my set looses to the BB AA and the spiked two outer. Needless to say we capped the post-river betting as well.

KQ suited looses on a three way pot that sees a flop of A-K-9, turn Q and river 6....winning hand had J-10 os and other player had my turned two pair ended up the worst hand of the three and cost me my last $60 of the session. I admit I was on mini-tilt at this point after getting run down on the last few hands....never guessed I was that far behind on this hand though. I have about $400 left on UB now and I know I won't play tonight, so hopefully I can get back in a groove later in the week and recoup the losses. Hopefully this was just 'one of those nights' and not the start of another UB meltdown like in least I know not to try and move up in stakes right now....I may try and play some tourneys or no-limit to get ready for the big tourney at the end of the month....will see what mood strikes me later in the week.



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