Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday morning - Weekend update

OK...lots of poker news from the weekend....

Cleared my PS bonus of $100 on Sat afternoon during a nice +$450 session on the 5/10 tables. Ended the 2 weeks on PokerStars up $1900 and cashed it all off the site. Just waiting for it to clear and then I'll decide what to do with it. Probably will load some money back on UB to play while travelling this week to NJ in the hotel room during the evenings.

I can't get over how successful I am at the $5/10 limit games, but get shelled at $10/20. Not sure if it's my playstyle, or what, Pokertracker has me listed as a "Semi-loose, aggressive, solid" player...I see about 30% of the pots, which I think is ok in limit games, as you're more apt to try and see pots with suited connectors and suited Ax to try and catch something rather than risk it in no-limit on marginal hands....and I can't argue the success. So I guess I'll just keep grinding at the $5/10 as long as the money is there to be made. Was hoping that UB would offer a re-load bonus ove rthe weekend, but I have $400 to claim already, so I guess I'll just start to work on that now.

Qualified in a PS WPT satellite last night. As noted below, I placed 1st out of 370 to win a seat in a satellite on Sunday, with the top 2-3 players getting a seat in the WPT event in the Bhamas in cool would that be. Hopefully I didn't blow all my NLHE luck last night, as I did get lucky a few times...see below....

I slide into the final 25 players near the bottom of the list with about 7k in chips…top stack had 90k at this point. I tripled up with KK when AQ and AJ didn’t improve. Gives me about 22k and moves me into top 10….proceed to nickel and dime some pots down to the final 2 tables with about the same amount of chips.
Double up and cripple a guy with QQ against 10 10. Then get 10 10 to hold up against the chip leader at the time and his AK to double up again…now have around 70k in chips and sitting in top 5.
Make it to the final table and have the top 2 stacks to my right (sweet…get to act behind them). Anyway, miss a chance to take the guy on my left out when I mis-play AQ suited and let him force me out of the pot with an all in raise….ended up his AJos against another AQos, with the AQ winning the pot….I had the guy with AJ covered, so I would have taken all of his stack and then split a small side pot with the other AQ. Anyway, he was gone a few hands later.
So we get down to final 5 (top 3 wins seats to Sunday’s satellite). I get KK in the SB, everyone limps in front of me, I make a 3xBB raise, get a call from the BB, a small raise from the UTG player, a call from the button, and I say ‘screw this’ to Jen who was watching and go all in on a huge pot….BB folds, UTG calls, everyone else folds….UTG has AA…..I pound my head on the desk, thinking that I’m going to bubble out of the tourney with KK…only to see KQx hit the flop…..a 10 hits the turn, giving him outs (A or J) but he misses and I cripple him in the tourney, and now have a 2-1 lead on everyone else (240k to 100k).
Tried to bully them a bit, dropped down to 160K when my 10-10 loose to AJ when he hits a J on the river….bah. Anyway, we’re down to final 4 and just sliding chips around the table when I find AA in the SB…..first two players fold, I bump 4x BB, BB raises another 4x, I bump again to about half his stack, he goes all in and I call….he flips 10-2 os and I wipe him out. Not sure what he was thinking, but I’m not complaining.
So anyone with a PS account, please come cheer me on Sunday at 5pm. Hoping for tickets to the Bahamas in January.


At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Jen said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention Danielle's B-Day party at all.

Also, please don't get too confident at the 5/10 table as the worm has a way of turning. I am very happy for you though.

I love you.

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Forex said...

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At 12:12 PM, Blogger Frank Nagai Jr. said...

Congrats and good luck!


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