Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday morning - Weekend update

Ahhhh...back at work again. Had a great weekend relaxing at home with Jen and the girls. My lovely wife allowed me to sleep in on Sat and Sun, so I owe her big time. Played some poker at a home game on Friday night, made the final table, but was shortstacked and had to push all in with AQos and was called by A7os, and of course he hit the 7 on the flop and I never improved and was knocked out of the tourney in 8th place. Had a nice run during the event, was chip leader at our table, but missed a couple of hands and the blinds wore me down quickly. Was a good time, but not sure if I'll go back, as they allow smoking in the guys basement and it just kills my sinuses and eyes, not to mention the smell on the clothes when I get home. As such, didn't get home until around 2am after dropping Burton off at his pad and getting home. Thankfully, Jen let me sleep in on Sat, so I crawled out of bed around 10am and spent the day lounging with the girls. Jen had to work at 11, so I spent the majority of the day just playing with the girls and such. I did get in a few hands of poker when Ashley was napping and posted about $85 to the profit on a very tight table, and after being down almost $200 at one point, was able to battle back and make a bit of money for the session. Stayed up later than I should have playing Settlers of Catan on the computer that I downloaded on Sat.

Sunday was much of the same, as the girls didn't want to play outside, but I did manage another session on UB during the afternoon....did much better, as I caught hands consistently and posted a $200 profit on the table...had to take a short break for the girls and when I came back the table had broken I banked the money and went back to the girls. Was disappointed that the table ended, but was very happy with the improvement to the bankroll.

So, up almost $300 for the weekend, which cancels out one of the really bad sessions earlier in the week...still down about $500 from the high point at the end of June, but hopefully this weekend signifies a turn for the better for me again.

Did get to have some fun with the girls yesterday as well...did some watercolor painting with Danielle, which was a lot of fun for both of us. She was very happy for the attention and we made some flowers and rainbows and such together. The girls had a great day and we capped it off with a trip to Graeter's for desert, which is always fun for all of us. They were packed, as they had a customer appreciation sale going $10 of ice cream and get a free pint of your choice....mmmmmmmmmmm.

Back to the grind here at work...nothing of note on the calendar for today. Jen has to work this evening, so it will be just the girls and I for the evening. Hopefully we can get some outside time after work (if the weather allows) and then baths for the girls tonight before bed. Then maybe some poker for daddy after cleaning up the house....wheeeee.


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