Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday, June 30

Last day of the month...and it has been a hectic month at that....Can't believe that tomorrow is July 1st already...unreal!!!!

Well, I'm back from the audit in VA...looks like there will be more updates like the one below in the coming days, as I am now the lead compliance auditor for Bath & Body Works. Means lots of travel in my future as I visit the vendors, audit their systems and processes and ensure that they maintain the high level of quality we damand and our customers expect. Lot's of work...and I'm not sure how the travel schedule will fit with the family schedule and such, especially with the new baby on the way.

Speaking of such, we get to find out the sex of the baby on Tuesday when we go in for the we'll be able to start working on names and decorations for the baby's room....YEAH!!!!

And it's time for cool is that. Jason and Kristie arrived last night from the Philly area and are probably hitting the convention center as I type this for their first day of events. I'll be joining up with them later this evening in time for the first night of poker and whatever other mayhem I can fit into the evening, then spending the rest of the weekend with them (and the rest of the gang) at the convention center. Way cool.

Not much else to speak of...had a good week at the $5/10 tables on UB...made about $300 over the couple of days in VA from the hotel room, so that was pretty cool. Considering I'm only playing for an hour or so at a time, I'm very happy wth the results.

Probably won't get to update much over the weekend, but will fill everyone in when I can.


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