Friday, July 08, 2005

Finally Friday

Another week has come and gone....wheeeeee

Going to get some poker in this evening at a home game tourney with my buddy Burton. Hopefully all the live poker I played last weekend at origins will serve me well, as I definately need to try and play more live games, as it is completly different from online. I should be pretty comfortable tonight as I played against thee guys last month with Burton and played a bunch last weekend as well. Wish me some pocket pairs tonight.

I did get a positive session online the other night (Wed)...had built up to +$105 at one point with a nice pot against one of the more aggressive/maniac players at the table. He was pretty much in every hand and had been catching some cards along the way, but for every hand he one by sucking someone out, he lost three chasing bad Aces and such. Anyway, I had found pocket 7s in one hand in middle position and called his early position raise (which he did constantly, so I didn't necessarily put him on a strong hand)...couple of other callers saw a flop of 7,x,A rainbow....which was great for me as I figured the maniac for a Ax hand and I had hit my set. The blinds checked and the maniac of course opened the pot for $5 and I smooth called to try and keep the others in the pot, which worked, as they all called the flop. Another blank hit the turn, but the blind opened the pot for $10, getting a raise from the maniac and a reraise from me. The button folded as did the guys in the blind....the maniac reraises me and asks if I caught my trips...I reraise to cap the pot and he calls. The 4th 7 hits the river for my quads and he bets into me again...I reraise, he reraises again and I cap the pot...he flips A3 for A and rag kicker and I scoop about a $200 pot...laughing all the way that this idiot would play an Ax that aggressively when he knew he was probably beat....not that I'm complaining about the money. Gave a few bucks back when my QQ ran into a flop with a K and A in it, knowing I was beat when someone reraised my bet. Left the table with about $50 in profits, so hopefully that will start me on another good win streak to make up for last weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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