Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend Update

Happy Belated Father's Day to any dads out there this morning. I had a pretty cool weekend overall...spent some time with the girls on Saturday after getting the prerequisite lawn mowing done on Sat morning...I think I upset the neighbors a bit, as they were all trying to have a garage sale Sat morning and I was mowing and making it hard for them to talk....oh well. And the lawn mower has been acting up since it ate a welcome mat a couple of weeks ago in the garage...just another sign of too much crap in the garage when I try to wedge the lawnmower into the garage (of course it was still running....sheesh) and the welcome mat falls off the stack of stuff and proceeds to get torn to shreds and stall out the motor on the lawn mower. I've run it a few times since then, but this weekend it was really bad...of course, it could also be the dregs of the bottom of the gas can as well....will get new gas this week and hopefully that will solve the problem.

Played some cards on Sat evening as well....first some Magic with Mike at his place for a couple of hours. Was great fun to joke around and play the game casually again....not enough to regret selling all of my cards mind you, but fun none the less...looking forward to this weekend with Dave and Burton at the tourney on Saturday, should be tons of fun.

Sat evening found Mike and I at a 26 man $20 poker tourney over on the west side. Bunch of guys that Mike knows from work amongst some other poker players, was a great atmosphere, as the guys made me welcome and we all had some fun. I liked the tourney, as they started you with $15,000 in chips, blinds at 25/50 for the first hour, then doubled every 30 minutes. Mike went out early (can't remember the details)...I do remember a couple of hands that led to my demise about halfway through the tourney....first was catching KK in middle position in the first hour...raised to $250 and got the blinds to call me. Flop hit 494 and I felt that I was in great shape when the blinds check to me....I bet $400, small blind folds and I get called from the big blind...I expect he's on AK or something and hoping to catch an A (they had been hitting all night), but I feel that I'm ahead in the hand at this point. A 10 hits the board on the turn, still putting no scare cards against my KK on the board...he checks and I fire $1000 into the pot...he thinks for a couple of minutes and then calls the bet. I'm not sure what he's thinking at this point, as I don't feel he has a 4, and am thinking that maybe he has QQ or JJ and is having trouble letting them go. A deuce hits the river and he checks again. I fire out a $2000 bet and he agonizes over the decision and finally calls me....I flip the KK and he happily flips over J4 for a set and the pot. Why he played J4 from the big blind with a 4xBB raise is beyond me, but it paid off for him.....and in what would become a theme for the rest of the evening sets of 4's won numerous pots when out gunned at the table...took down KK, AA, etc for the better part of 2 hours. Was amazing. Anyway, I got knocked out after moving tables and getting cold cards for the next hour, finally blinding out and getting pushed from the small blind for my last 6500 in chips...I had K-10os and decided to take my chances...he had A9 and caught a 9 on the flop to take the pot and knock me out. Was a good game and I hpe to play it again soon.

Sunday found the Villa family on the road to Toledo...spent some time with Jen's family first, always an entertaining time, then headed over to see my dad at his new condo. Had a nice visit with him and got to give him his new computer...actually saw a tear in his eye when he realized what daryl and I had gotten him. Spent most of the afternoon setting it up for him and showing him how to use it. Hopefully he'll read this blog later today and see the update.....Happy Father's Day Dad...



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