Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lynchburg, VA update

Nothing exciting to post at this point....just returned from the first day of a vendor audit here in VA. Couple of minutes to check my email and such, then off to dinner with the gang here. Will update more later. Also, anyone reading this looking for poker updates should click the link on this page for Tao of Poker for the best coverage of the WSOP on the internet.

~quick update~

Man, do I love the soft $5/10 games on UB....just cleared a quick $160 in about 30 minutes on UB....players calling down raises with third pair and such, chasing flushes.....everything rolling my way tonight. Only hand that had me groaning was a multi-way pot that started with me in the BB with A8os....5 players see the flop for the minimum and it hits 8K8...I check from early position and so does everyone else to the button, who opens the pot....everyone calls...2 on the turn and we check to the bettor, who opens the pot...I raise for $20 and everyone folds to the button, who raises me back. I cap at $40 and the river hits an A, so I've made my boat...I open, he raises, I re-raise, he caps and I call....and we both flip A8os for a split pot.....I was already counting the $160 pot and instead make about $20 on the whole thing.....crazy, crazy cards some nights on UB.....lol.

g'night all


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