Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Morning

UGH...what a day and night. Spent yesterday in NJ for a Microbiological professional meeting, which went very well and was very imformative. Ended up meeting a bunch of co-workers for dinner (beer and filet...yum) that was filled with laughter and good times.....then the evening comes to a crashing halt at 7pm when we get to the airport and find that the company shuttle from NJ to Columbus will be delayed from 7:30 to 8:30 due to a flight backlog in the NJ/NY we settle down for some mindless TV and wait

and wait

and wait....announcement, flight will be further delayed until 9:30

and we wait

and wait

They start boarding at 9:25 and we're in the air at 9:40...get back to Columbus at around 11:10, which puts me home at 11:35 or to Jen, check email and such, get to bed around 12:15....

Wake up with a leg cramp at 1:27.....HURT LIKE HELL!!!! Still does as a matter of fact....has to be about the worst way to wake up from a deep, check that....getting kneed in the groin by a 4 year old when she jumps on the couch to wake you up from a nap is the worst way....I stand corrected.

So here I am...bleary eyed and getting ready for work at 6:20am....going to be a long day.

Have plans on attending a home game tomorrow night, so looking forward to taht...will ned to get some sleep tonight or I'll be drooling on the table by 10pm.



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