Monday, June 13, 2005

Quick Update

Nothing of much importance to note...pretty slow day at work today, just getting ready for the audit in VA in a couple of weeks, pulling old reports, making travel arrangements, etc. Looking at the possibilities of buying a new home, so we'll keep you posted...if interested in what we're looking at, lookup and MLS number 2521264. The pics don't do justice...the house is really cool, multi-level home, lots of hardwood, big back yard with a multi-story deck, big unfinished basement, etc....hoping we can pull it off...will need to be doing some finishing touches to our place to get it ready to sell if we decide to persue.

Was able to get some poker in last night after the girls went to bed...rebounded from my loss on Friday to post about $70 in profit last night...decided to try my hand at two tables at the same time, playing $5/10 and $4/8 on UB....I don't personally like to multi-table, as I loose track of player tendencies, but i do play much tighter, as I can't afford to waste time with marginal hands. Didn't have much luck with the cards and was positive about $35 on each table...nothing to speak of, but did clear about $10 in bonus money instead of $5 like normal, so that is a benefit.

Planning on getting some gaming in with Burton tonight...either testing for Regionals or playing Settlers of Cataan in preparation for Origins at the end of the month. Either way, I'm sure we'll have some fun. Will fill in tomorrow on the evenings activities. TTFN


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