Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good Morning from Beijing, China - Day 3

Good morning all.....not near as exciting news today. Spent the day at the new Libbey glass factory outside of Beijing. The factory is just getting ready to go into manufacturing mode...so not much to look at today. Discussed training and quality systems they are implementing. No photos of the plant for obvious reasons......

I did snap some pictures as we came into town...I apologize for the quality of the pics in advance, but they're all from a moving van.

This is the Jianguo hotel where we're staying. Very nice place....and they just updated the rooms TODAY to include a flat panel high-def TV in each room. Very slick.

And just in case anyone was worried about the Starbuck's chain...they're here in China serving the billions of Chinese...and myself, as we've had the pleasure of starting each day with a quality cup of joe.

Not much else to show.....ttfn.


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