Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Poker update

Played some more .25/.50 NL on UB last night...made about $10 on a very aggressive table that saw me playing pretty tight. I sat down with $25 and two guys at the table had over $75 and were taking turns bullying the table....I waited until they bullied while sitting on KK and took the guys for most of the profit that I had for the session. Really having to adjust my playstyle to NL from Limit....much tighter hand selection and less chasing of flushes and such. But fun none the less. I have worked the $18 that I had left on UB up to $90 in the past week or so, so that is encouraging.

Played in a freeroll as well last night....had preregistered for the event and then forgot about the 10pm start time....figured by 10:20 I had been cleaned off the table, but was still sitting there getting blinded down....proceeded to play for about an hour (so much for going to bed early), working my way into the top 10 with about 130 players left. Lost about half my stack (blinds 200-400, sitting with 8k) when my AKs failed to improve against one of the chip leaders and I folded to his river bet. Two hands later I get 33 UTG and decide to push and see what happens...other big stack on the table (20k) calls me with 55 and I fail to improve. I'm thinking that if I hadn't lost the chips on the AK, the 8k push probably would have had him fold the 55 and I would have picked up the blinds and stayed in, but I was tired and really didn't care.

There's another freeroll at 9 tonight that I'll hit to try again. This one is on Titan, so we'll see how it goes, as I normally have good luck on Titan.

Also...rented a couple of movies last night....Hostel and Doom....enjoyed Doom, as I am a fan of the game and the special effects were pretty cool. Hostel wasn't as scary as everyone had made it our to be...just typical Tarantino-esque blood and gore....however I did appreciate the additional topless scenes in my unrated version....very nice.



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