Monday, June 05, 2006

Black Monday

Grrr.....had a post all finished during lunch today...but posted it on the Family site...In the process of trying to get it off that blog and onto this one, I lost it. Bloody heck.

Anyway, only pertinant thing regarding poker is that I lost two buy-ins yesterday as I was lounging by myself in the house...Jen and the kids are on their annual vacation in Toledo for the next two weeks and I figured I'd have nice quiet house to play some poker....which was the case except for the deluge of missed flops, flush chasing river rats and just general garbage play that was very effective in reducing my bank-roll by $400 over the course of two hours. Was never able to get ahead in either session, starting from loosing the first significant hand in each session and slowly falling to crushing.

I also played in a couple of freerolls on UB...didn't get anywhere with them, so no biggie there. Will probably attempt to skip playing poker tonight and get the rest of the house cleaned up.



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