Sunday, May 28, 2006

What a wild ride

Well....for the three or four of you that have been wondering where I've's an update.

When I last posted, I was sitting in a hotel room in London, just having spent three days in Estonia. The hotel in London was nice, but the internet connection was not that fantastic, so uploading more pics wasn't going to work. Did play some poker and was up a couple of hundred while in London. Spent Sunday wondering around the town, saw Big Ben, Buckingham, etc....also shopped at Herrod's (damn expensive).

Spent the next couple of days east of London (Bath) with no internet access.....ugh.

Then headed back to Germany for 3 days.....was actually the best part of the trip, as we spent three days in the same hotel...was nice to be able to unpack and get comfortable in a room for a change. Didn't get any opportunity for sightseeing, as we were out to dinner both nights with clients...good food, but no pics or such. As such, internet access was limited and I didn't play any poker while in Germany.

Flew back to Columbus on Friday (5/19)...spent Sat and Sun trying to readjust to the time difference before heading to California. Nothing exciting to note....had a couple of loosing sessions at the $5/10 tables...did manage to achieve Silver Star status on PS, so that was a bonus. Didn't do much in CA except eat some great food and conduct the business audits needed for the trip. Flew back home on Thursday night (arriving at Columbus at 12:45am Friday morning) and pretty much vegged all day Friday, helped Jen get the house ready for our first showing this morning.

Went down to the Bob Evans Farms in southern Ohio today....they had a craft and kids day going on, so the girls got to ride horses and do crafts for the day. All in all was fun for everyone. I took a nap when we got home with a splitting headache, which explains the update to the blog at 12:31 am on Sunday.

Just finished a 60 minute session on PS with a +$190 in the bankroll. I'm almost back to the pre-trip level on PS, so I'm happy about that...had made about $500 in the European trip, cashed that out and then promtly went in the hole (-$700) while in CA before coming back with a couple of winnning sessions to get most of it back into the bankroll (-$80). But overall, I'm still up about $700 for the month.

Will update with pics and such tomorrow....ttfn.


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