Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saturday in London

Sunset and clouds from over the English Channel last night as we flew into London from Germany.

So we're in London now...can't get over how expensive this place is...the pound is about 2-1 against the USD right now. So a 50 pound breakfast here at the hotel will be about $100 when the conversion takes place. The cab fair from the airport to the 'business recommended' hotel here in Londo was another $100. Welcome to London. Not to mention that we're in a very 'eclectic' hotel...would rather be in a Hilton or Marriott. This place caters to a younger, hipper crowd....definately not me.

We're headed out to see the sites here in a few minutes. Loren wants to do some shopping, but I think I'll wait until Germany in a couple of days to do much more than take, here are some pics from yesterday in old town Tallinn, Estonia.

Olde Hanna resturant where we ate dinner.

Church in the middle of town...maybe Russian Orthadox? Looks cool regardless.

Cobblestone street through shopping district in Tallinn. We walked through a number of local shops...glassware, woven cloth, amber jewelry, etc.

More pics from London later on...enjoy.

Also...played some poker...or at least tried, as the wireless connection isn't fantastic here in the hotel (for a small fee of 15 pounds per day ($30usd). Anyway, lost a buy in last night before calling it a night on a couple of bad beats. Won back about $50 this morning while waiting to head out for the day around London. First time I've had sessions at the 6 handed tables with really long runs of bad cards....20-25 hands folded in a row, and not playing tight, just terrible cards. Was happy to make a bit of cash back after last night.

Time to sightsee....ttfn


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