Friday, May 05, 2006

Finally Friday.....and Jessica

and so comes an end to my tribute to Jessica Alba this week....

Not much else to speak of...did some additional house hunting last night. Saw a real dump on 9+ acres that needed to be burned to the ground...a nice house that had been completly remodeled, but was small with 3 bedrooms on 5+ acres, and then revisited a couple of houses in Johnstown that we've been to before. There is also the possibility now of building this summer in Johnstown....all comes down to cash and timing.

Interviewing the second selling agent tonight. Hope she is more personable and open for discussion than the last one.

Alan has been keeping Jen and I up the last few nights as he's teething and really hates to be in his 1-2 hr crying fits at 2am don't make for well rested parents the next day...fortunately, Danielle and Ashley have slept through his fits.

No poker in the last couple of days....lack of sleep has kept me in bed later in the morning, and crashing earlier in the evenings, so no time to play. Hoping to get some playing in over the weekend, but will have to see how everything goes, as I have a ton of stuff to take care to get the house in order and get ready for my upcoming travels. Ugh.

I'm having trouble coming up with another topic, so I guess I'll get back to work and try and get out of here early today....



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