Tuesday, July 17, 2007

F&^%ing Rat Bastards

Well...I had planned on getting some pictures up of the new house in progress. Took some interior and exterior shots last night, but just didn't get the pics loaded yet....be patient, they'll be up soon.

Roof was up yesterday, with tar paper and shingles scheduled for today (weather permitting). Starting to look like a home now and we're very excited.

But, here is the fiasco that was this morning. Apparently some local scumbags decided to rob the house last night, taking a service door, two bedroom windows and the foyer 3-window piece that were all not yet installed on the house. Have to figure on 2-4 guys to do this, as the big window was upstairs waiting for installation and had to come back down the stairs.

Get so pissed when I even think about all of this....and I'm in NJ so I'm completly of no use in helping Jen work through the police, insurance and construction issues that have come up. Biggest concern at this point is the potential delay in siding the house waiting for the custom windo to get reordered and delivered, not to mention the potential weather damage with 3 days of rain scheduled for this week. Contractor is trying to board up the windows and install doors and locks to secure the house as best we can against future break-ins. May have to push to get the security system installed earlier or start sleeping at the house once some of the interior pieces start getting delivered.

I hope they all stepped on nails and have hernias today from their 'work' last night.

No other news worth reporting at this point....ttfn


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