Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend update

Hey all...actually have some poker news. UB has tried to lure me back to the site by putting some free cash in my account.....a whopping $10. Wow...that makes me want to come and play ona site, a free $10......

ok, so it worked....I had UB up and running about 10 seconds after reading the email. Played some 0.25/0.10 NL ($10 max) and I think I'm up to about $25 now, which includes a $10 loss yesterday morning when my JK suited in the BB called a pre-flop raise to $1 (heads-up, as everyone folded). Play on the table was pretty LAG, as it was 6 handed and the pre-flop was typiclaly raised to about $1 every hand by someone. So I called and watched a flop come out K-K-6, giving me trips with a decent kicker. We both checked the flop as I tried to see what he would do (for reference, I had $9-10, he had $35), no continuation bet indicated he was either slowplaying something big or the KK on the flop had him scared. I checked a turn of a 9, no flush or straight on the board, he put in a $2 pot sized bet, I come over the top for $5, he insta-pushes. Now the only hands that have me worried at this point are AK, KQ or that he boated up on the 9 or 6 with a small pocket pair. Would love to say that I made a smart laydown, but with only about $3 left, I called to see him flip AKos and take the pot with a bigger kicker....not really upset about it though...

I rebuy with my last $16 and play around a bit (hey...not like it's my money). Few hands later, I see AQs in the BB and have the button make an overly aggressive push (had not seen this move from him yet) for about $8. I contemplate folding the nice had when the SB folds...but remember a conversation the other night at a poker dealing gig that 10-10/J-J are pretty much all-in or fold hands pre-flop in some games. So I put him on one of these two hands and know that I'm in a 50-50 race with my suited AQ. I call, watch a georgus A hit the flop with one spade, a second on the turn gives me extra outs if i need them (UB doesn't flip the cards immediately on all-ins for some reason). River produces a blank and we flip....he has 10-10 and I take down a nice pot, recouping most of the $10 I lost above.

Played a few more hands and won a couple of small pots with pre-flop raises and continuation bets on blank boards. Then left with my account back to the $25 or so that I started with.

In other news...we ate our first meal at the new house on Sat....burgers from the local burger joint on a blanket in the great room of the house. How cool. The second floor is up (walls only). Figuring they will be putting up the roof today. Will have pics tonight, as I was able to find the USB cord for the digital camera over the weekend.

Not much else....pulled 3 garbage bags of weeds from the front flower bed with the girls yesterday, looks less like a jungle now and we can see the flowers. Girls did a good job helping, found a toad living in the garden that fascinated them. Looked like he was having a good time with all the bugs around that we were kicking up...not sure where he came from though.

Off to NJ tomorrow through Thursday, so will update as I can. ttfn.


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