Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Hate the Florida Gators

As I grew up watching sports with my father I inherited two things, a dislike of any teams from UCLA (he grew up watching them dominate college bb and grew to hate them) and Notre Dame (damn NBC and the fighting irish every Sat during the college football season). So, I now have developed a hatred for the Gators after watching them deny the Buckeyes a National Championship in both Football and Basketball over the past few months. After watching the bb team grow and mature this season, as well as battle trough the tourney, I thought they would succeed where the football team failed and knock of the Gators last night....but 4-23 from 3-point range spelled the doom for the team last night....make 8-23 and we win the game by a point, or dump 8 of those shots inside to Oden and have him add to the monster game he had and we're in the game at the end rather than chasing a 10-12 point deficit the entire game. FL had no answer for Greg and he showed his skills at dominating the paint for the entire game....the dude played the entire second half and worked his ass off for the team. I only hope that he and Conley come back to finish off a national championship for OSU that was so close last night.

In poker news, I yoyo'd the money on sportsbook.com the last two nights, taking my final $5 up to $20 in one session, down to $18 the next, then loosing it all in a brutal series of suck-outs on a very loose table last night before the game started. Lost the first buy-in ($6) at a .10/.20 NL table when my KK EP pre-flop raise to $1 was called by 3 others to see a flop of K-Xc-Xc. I go all in (final $4.60 into a $4 pot) to try and end the end, only to get called by a dude with a low flush draw, which of course hits on the river to wipe me out. I buy in for another $6 and battle to win nack the loss...get up to $8 when I get KK again in EP....I toss another $1 bet on the table only to see a mid-position re-raise to $3 followed by an all-in of $8 by the flush chaser from earlier. I figure one guy for AA at least...but the flush chaser had pulled this move a couple of time to try and buy pots and had been successful....and I really didn't want to fold KK....so I push and the three of us all flip...showing me in the lead against JJ and QQ....as I start a fist pump I see Q-J-x hit the flop and my jaw hits the table....no straight draw of mircle K hits and the QQ takes a huge pot (flush chaser from above)....so now he's sitting with roughly $22 on the table and really starts pushing things around. I figure I'm going to get my cash back from him eventally, as he was slinging cash around with no regard now that he was in control of the table...so I bring the last of my $ to the table (final $6) and start to wait him out. I finally hit AKs on the button in a 5 way limped pot. I raise to $1 and everyone calls. Flop comes A high with two clubs to match my AK....everyone checks to me and I toss a $3 bet in, as I want some action on the top pair and flush draw....everyone folds but the big stack, who pushes all in on me. Now....I know I have him beat...make him sweat for a second or two and then call. He shows 5-6os, having matched a 6 on the flop for bottom pair. I have a huge lead and a ton of outs to lock the hand, only to watch a 5 hit on the turn, giving him 2 pair to my AA and then I miss any of the club outs and pairing the board to see him collect the last of my chips. So I promptly deleted the sportsbook.com software from my laptop and headed for the Buckeye game. Glad it wasn't my money anyway.

I'm actually tempted to start playing seriously again in the near future. I know I have the skills to beat the online game, but the issues with getting money online is a severe drawback to the game...was such a sweet little moneymaker for awhile. Would love to be able to start making the car payments and such again from the fish online. Wish the US Gov would get their act together and just let the Vegas/AC casinos run online sites and be done with it....would be sooooo sweet to have the online play get linked to comp rooms and such.

anyway, have to sign off now and get packed up to board my flight home.



At 10:24 PM, Blogger BSN said...

Actually, Florida did have an answer for Oden.

They scored more points.

*ducking and running*


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