Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy Wednesday

So much to discuss......where to begin....

- looking forward to a case of carpal tunnel syndrome on Friday as we sell our house, close on the property and new construction loans. Should be signing my name about 1000 times I think. Loads of fun, but will be excited to get the day over with, get the house sold and move into construction mode.

- Speaking of the new buyers.....they have their final inspection walk-through today. House is pretty much a mess with all of the packing and such going on...hope they don't expect to see the pristine beautiful house they saw a few weeks back, cause it ain't there anymore.

- Finished the last of the home repairs needed last night (digging up a downspout drain and reconnecting the piping). At least it wasn't raining/snowing for a change.

- Moving this weekend will be an adventure....we have struggeled to get anything packed or prepped for moving at this point. Tonight will be a work night, as Jen and I will both be home or the evening, so we should be able to make some headway on getting stuff organized. Tomorrow is gymnastics and such, so that will put a dent in the time, Friday is closing, Sat is moving day with the movers coming to take the big stuff to storage and the rental house. Then we have to get the rest out and turn in the keys by the 19th. Plan is to be living in Johnstown by Sat night. Cable and internet will be stopped in Reynoldsburg on Friday night and then we'll be switched to Time Warner in Johnstown on Sat afternoon....will send out new email address to everyone once we get it established with TW.

- Fully into performance review mode...meeting with my technicians today and tomorrow to do their review. Not sure when mine will be...but sometime between now and the end of next week with the vacation coming up.

- no poker easy way to get money online anymore...not that I have any at this point. Hoping for some summer poker dealing gigs to rebuild the poker/gambling cash roll and then maybe have some way to get the money online to play once we get into the new house. Interesting note...heard from a collegue here at work that the WTO (world Trade Organization) has deemed the US law as illegal (or at least not in good standing with the WTO rules)....wonder if someone will get it taken off the books then????

Not much else....need to get back to prepping for the review this afternoon....take care all.....



At 3:52 PM, Blogger JvilleWhip said...

Yeesh. Good luck with all that. Get that roll back up there and get back on the tables! =)


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