Sunday, February 04, 2007

Good Morning from ShenZhen

Quick update before I hit the shower and get going for the day of auditing.

No significance to this pic....just a neat advertisement on the side of a building here in ShenZhen.

This is a pic from outside the local shopping market/mall. Similar to a flea market in the states, except with twice the number of people and shops, as well as the constant barrage of 'runners' that try and intice you to come into their shop. They hand out business cards for various shops in the store, all of which are pretty much selling the same things, watches, bags, electonics, DVDs, etc. Did pick up some papercuts and hand painted glass baubals for the kids that I hope they will like.

Here is a shot from Sunday night from the hotel balcony...laser show and lights from the 'Windo of the World' park across the street. They were playing the Star Wars theme which attracted my attention from the hotel room. Had a huge fireworks show afterwards.

Not much else to note from the weekend. Dinner here in the hotel and then an early night to get ready for today. Super Bowl starts in about 30 minutes for everyone in the states, but I'll be in a car to a supplier. I'm rooting for ther Colts in the game, as I think the Bears are a bit overrated and Manning is due to win the big one. ttfn.


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