Friday, May 13, 2005

Finally Friday

Wheeee....finally Friday. Nothing much new to report. The meeting yesterday with the local stone/etching company went well, but the price point for the stones is still going to be an issue. I've found a source to get the stones in quantity, now I just need to come up with the stock designs and find someone that can etch them for the right price...unfortunately not as easy as it sounds...if I had the capital, I'd buy an etching laser and do it myself, but I don't have the resources to lay out that kind of money.

One request from my faithful readers...I'm looking for designs to use on the stones as stock pieces...would like at least 6-8 designs, but can really do as many as I want, as they would get loaded into the etching computer and then just called up as needed. Any artists out there that can make cool, simple designs that would translate well to the etching process...should be simple and clear, without much fine detail. Just drop me a line at with any thoughts or ideas.


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