Thursday, May 12, 2005

Made it....wheeee

My presentation went well last night...won't say spectacular or anything, as there were some rough spots in the flow of the presentation, but had a very attentive audience that seemed very interested in what I was describing as the cultural changes going on in our business to elevate brand quality into everything we do. Sounds easy on paper, but to try and change business practices and evolve the way co-workers go about their daily tasks is time consuming and relentless.

But enough about that...the presentation went well and I was happy with it...was amazed that I talked for almost an hour...time just flew by once I got started.

On to more exciting news...I have a meeting today with a local business that I'm hoping can help me get the PokerStones business up and running. They should have some etched samples for me to look at and a price point for the stones and etching to discuss. I'm really excited, as I think I have about 10-20 orders lined up with local poker players if these end up and nice as I'm hoping they will be. Also, I believe the imaging techniques that this company uses will allow for the image transfer of photo quality images onto the stone, so I could get a pic of all the kids on one side and some text on the other, or who knows...the possibilities become endless at that degree of detail....should be really cool if I can pull this off. more details tomorrow after the meeting.

Also...need to make a shout out to my buddy Dave and point everyone to his blog...very entertaining to read about a guy getting beat up by 12 year old girls in karate training...enjoy.
Thanks for the kind words yesterday Dave....hell, I was just happy to know someone out there is actually reading this stuff I'm typing.


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