Saturday, April 30, 2005

End of a long week

Finally...Friday is here...The girls are in bed, although not after some drama...Danielle had made some pictures for Jen and spilled water on them while brushing her teeth...needless to say, the ink ran and she was pretty upset about the whole thing, especially after a day of pre-school, gymnastics and no tired and upset little girl. I ended up drawing some pictures for her and that seemed to solve the problem.

Guess I can't complain too much about this week...was supposed to have been in NJ for the bulk of the week, but the trip was rescheduled, so instead got to spend time with Jen and the girls for a nice change...Jen had been scheduled off for my trip, so we actually got to see each other. The girls liked having both of us home for a change as well.

Just finished a maraton session on Party Poker to clear my $40 bonus....with my initial deposit, and $40 in bonus, I made a whopping $42 dollars over the last week. Was up about $120 until tonight...just couldn't get a run of cards going...was almost out completly and was able to catch some nice hands to get back to basically even for the week...better than loosing it all.

Looking forward to lots more poker tomorrow...10am freeroll on PokerStars for the World Amateur Poker Tour ( Great online organization for playing poker...they work with various sites (PokerStars, UltimateBet) and promote online leagues, tourneys (freerolls and cash) for the members. Cash and prizes to the winners, as well as a world ranking of all the players....I'm currently fourth overall....was second last fall, but haven't placed in a tourney in awhile...hopefully tomorrow will change my luck.

And then over to the RatPack home game in the evening...looking forward to seeing the guys again this week and hopefully winning back my money from Tuesday night.

In other good news, I've got a line on a new supplier for the PokerStones card protectors and dealer buttons business I've been trying to start...should know more on Monday.

Time to sign off now...


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