Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mike Caro and an evening of poker

After a long day at work putting out product issues and trying to stay on top of numerous tasks and meetings, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a free poker seminar at OSU given by professional poker player and author Mike Caro "The Mad Genius of Poker". Enjoyed the seminar very much, as he is a very dynamic speaker and very entertaining to listen to....and the free hat was pretty cool as well.

Afterwards, a number of the local poker players (Go RatPack) got together for a game of $1/2 NLHE over at Smokey's house. I have to say that the 3 hours of poker was great from a camaraderie standpoint, as I had a great time...but sitting for about 3 hours catching nothing but 38os and watching the guys around me catch AA, KK, AK, etc was table image was so tight that the minute I put $5 in the pot, I chased everyone out and collected the blinds with A9s...Needless to say, my $40 investment soon dwindeled down to about $7 with the blinds and the end of the evening quickly approaching. I looked at 10-7 spades and decided it was the best hand I had seen and tossed my money in the pot...3 callers saw a flop of 7-Q-7 hit the board and I stayed alive with my trips and put me back in the game with about $30....unfortunately that was all of the good luck I was going to get for the evening, as I lost some cash on AhQh when I pushed the pre-flop bet to $10 and missed completly (2c-5c-7c) bet of $5 was raised to $20 by the big stack and I folded. Down to about $14 now and push all in pre-flop with AQos, get called by two players...when the dust settles, my AQos is up against AKos and QJos with a J on the flop...I'm completly dominated in the hand and even the A on the river doesn't help and I'm busted off the table at about 11:55 last night.

Oh well...that's poker...can't win every night, especially with the hands I was trying to mess with. One guys across the table had AA at least 3 times, so I know they were in the deck.

Going to be a long day at work....lack of sleep and a busy schedule will make for a difficult day....add in a trip to the dentist this afternoon for a chipped tooth and it's going to be a lovely day.


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