Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunday night

Calling it a day....Danielle was a handful with no nap and she wore me out.....hell hath no fury than a 4 year old with no nap...Had a good day over all...friends over for chili and beer, watch a couple of movies (Rounders and The Incredibles) and then was able to play some poker after the girls went to bed....

Deposited some money into my old PartyPoker account to get the reload bonus and play in the weekly RatPack game (local Columbus gropu of poker players)...played some $2/4 for awhile to generate the raked hands needed to clear my $40 bonus....was up about $40 over the hour, but lost $30 of that in two hands thanks to some outrageous chasers catching there 4 outers on the river.....pocket AA with a A on the flop and they chase down gutshot straight to the river and catch it...amazing....So ended up making $10 and clearing about 50 hands towards my bonus (190 to go)

Switched over to the BoDog Cardplayer freeroll....$2000 up for grabs with 170 players registered...$600 to first. I end up at a table with 8 players seated, but only 4 of us playing....was able to steal a ton of blinds from the absent players to my left and catch some nice cards along the way to triple up in the first hour. At this point, I'm at 3000, guy to my right is at 2000 and a new guy sits at the table with 4000. First hand (20/40 blinds) I limp in with K-10os and the three of us see the flop....8-9-K rainbow....check to me and I raise to $100....big stack calls me and other guy folds.....J on turn leaves me with top pair and an openended straight draw....I bet $200 and the guy goes all in....I figure he's trying to buy the pot, since he had just hit the table, so I call him, he flips 8-9os for 2 pair....needless to say the river doesn't help and I'm out, just like that. Can't believe he called the pre-flop raise with 8-9os....but it was a freeroll, so what do you expect...the $600 would have been nice though.

Jen should be home from work soon and I need to clean up a couple of things in the kitchen...looking forward to this week since she doesn't have to work again until the weekend, will be nice to spend some time with her and the girls for a few days straight.


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